The Fiscal Department:

  1. Maintains accounting systems and methods that meet generally accepted accounting principles Corporate Accounting Systems (PDF)
  2. Manages spending according to its policies and procedures Corporate Spending (PDF)
  3. Develops the Contract Module of the Area Plan on Aging
    a. Annual Operations (Administrative) Budget PSA11 Budget (PDF)
    b. Programmatic Revenue and Expenditure Plans (schedules C.I.A, C.II.B, C.II.C, C.II.E, C.III.A., C.IV.A, C.IV.B., C.V.A., C.VII.A) Revenue and Expenditure Plans Part 1 | Revenue and Expenditure Plans Part 2 (PDF)
  4. Conducts procurement of contractual services in a manner that provides maximum open and free competition Procurement of Contractual Services (PDF)
  5. Develops contracts Contract Files (PDF)
  6. Procures professional services Professional Services (PDF)
  7. Performs all payroll and employee expense reimbursement functions Reimbursement for Travel (PDF)
  8. Maintains personnel records Personnel Records (PDF)
  9. Maintains property control records Property Control (PDF)
  10. Manages revenues Revenue Management Procedures (PDF)
  11. Manages subgrantee/contractor budgets, including surplus/deficit management Subcontractor Budget Procedure (PDF)
  12. Reimburses contractors
  13. Maintains HIPAA Policy Manual (PDF)

Documents for subgrantees and providers